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Yummiest aam chutney you must have to try

Crude Green Mango Chutney is a late spring extraordinary Bengali delicacy. Chutney implies sauces to rest of the world yet to a Bengali it is Chatni. What’s more, Bengali chatni must be sweet, piece acrid; at times with a trace of hot flavors. Truth be told, it is a fine harmony between every one of these flavors. Chatni has a place with neither topping nor dessert classification; it’s its very own class.

Why chutney is increasingly well known in Bengali?

Customary Bengali dinners are path unique in relation to the remainder of Indian suppers. A run of the mill Bengali supper comprises of 5-6 courses which incorporate all kind of flavors, from unpleasant to sweet. Generally, the primary course needs to harsh like Shukto (Bitter Mixed Veg) trailed by second-course dal (lentil) and bhaja (seared things) or Posto. At that point comes the third-course curries including veggie lover and fish or chicken. The fourth one is tongue chemical, chatni (chutney) with papad (saltine). The fifth is Doi (sweet yogurt) and mishti desserts (dessert). What’s more, the feast closes with paan (improved betel leaf).

Indeed, even any Bengali puja bhog (offering to god/goddess amid love) must incorporate bhog khichuri, bhaja, labra, and chatni. Indeed, even a straightforward unattractive day feast of a Bengali isn’t finished without a little bowl of Aamer chatni.

Serving Storage:

Crude mango chatni generally delighted in on lunch after a nice dinner including dal, bhaja (fries) and curries. Any blog is deficient with khichuri ar chatni.

Store abundance chutney in glass bumps and refrigerate. This Mango Chutney tastes useful for 5-7 days whenever put away in a sealed shut holder and refrigerated. Be that as it may, recollect longer timeframe of realistic usability will expand the poignancy in Aam er Chatni.

Utilize perfect and dry spoons each opportunity to bring chatni from containers and keep the cover on. It will guarantee a more drawn out timeframe of realistic usability.

The most effective method to MAKE BENGALI RAW MANGO CHUTNEY


•             Raw mango: 1, huge (300g without seed)

•             Sugar: ⅔ container

•             Ginger, beat: ½ tbsp

•             Mustard oil: 1 tbsp

•             Water: 2 containers

•             Whole Spices

•             Dry Red Chili: 1-2

•             Mustard seeds, dark: 1 Tsp

•             Ground Spices

•             Salt: ½ tsp

•             Turmeric: ¼ tsp

•             Red Chili: ½ tsp

•             Bhaja Masala: 1 tbsp


1.            Wash and clean mango and pat it dry. Dispose of the seed and hack mango longwise.

2.            Sprinkle salt and red stew powder on hacked mango and hurl to coat well.

3.            Heat oil in a wok and add entire flavors to alter oil.

4.            Add marinated mango and sauté for 1-2 mins.

5.            Add ginger, turmeric and mix well.

6.            Add water and convey it to bubble. Spread and cook for 10-12 mins or until mango is cooked.

7.            Once the mango is cooked yet firm, add sugar and bubble to wanted consistency.

8.            Sprinkle bhaja masala in Aamer Chatni and turn off the fire.

9.            Bring chutney to room temperature and serve after a dinner.


1. Marinade mango to mollify crude mango. It additionally limits cooking time later.

2. Try not to include sugar if mangoes are not cooked. Mangoes won’t be cooked when in contact with sugar.

3. Alter the measure of bhaja masala or red bean stew powder as per individual inclination.

4. Utilize naturally cooked and grounded fennel seed rather than Bhaja Masala.

5. Once in a while, Panch Phoron (Bengali 5 flavors) is utilized rather than red bean stew and mustard seeds.

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