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A reviving summer drink made of mango mash mixed with cumin, jeera and mint leaves. Aam Panna is a desi hit which isn’t just invigorating yet additionally empowering. It hydrates you in a moment and helps in fighting singing warmth.

What is Aam Panna?

It is a tart refreshment made utilizing crude mangoes, sugar, salt, and crisp mint.this is extremely reviving and chills of the body.It is prescribed to drink Aam Ka Panna amid summers in view of its cooling properties.

About Recipe:

Summers are the ideal opportunity for crisply chilled beverages that beat the warmth, and there’s nothing superior to Aam Panna to invigorate our body. It extinguishes your thirst as well as thought about value for the treatment of gastrointestinal issues. So now you don’t have to go out in the warmth to have this one, rather tail us to make the most loved summer drink of India crisp at home with this fast and simple formula.

Elements Of Aam Panna

          500 gm green mangoes, 2 tsp salt ,1/2 container sugar ,2 tsp Kala namak (dark shake salt) ,2 tsp broiled and powdered cumin seeds, 2 Tbsp finely hacked mint leaves

some water

The most effective method to Make Panna

                1. Heat up the mangoes till they become delicate inside, and the skin gets


                2. At the point when cool enough to deal with, expel the skin and press the

           mash out of the mangoes.

                3. Combine every one of the fixings, mix and include some water.

                4. Put some ice cube in the glasses and pour the Panna over it.

Formula NOTES

Include more sugar for an articulated sweet preference for the Aam Panna.

You can likewise steam the mangoes or cook them in a skillet as indicated by your longing. In any case, they ought to turn out to be delicate with the goal that the strip and the mash turn out effectively.

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